(646) 992-7099 Greenwich, CT


Where do you walk the dogs?

We walk dogs in your neighborhood unless we have made arrangements to take a trail walk/run or beach walk.

Are the dogs walked alone?

All walks are single dog walks with the same dog walker every day. We will walk dogs together if we have the owner’s prior consent and have previously arranged the “play date”.

Do I need to be a full-time client?

No, we will work with your schedule.

Does my dog need to be trained?

No, we will work with dogs of all levels of training.

Do you walk with puppies?

Yes, we love puppies! We will gladly walk and help you train the newest addition to your family.

Can you assist with my pet’s special needs?

Yes, we have the ability to help with all kinds of special needs and requests. With detailed instruction, no request is too cumbersome for us to tackle.

Do you walk outside in rain, snow and cold weather?

We like to have the dogs outside at least for some portion of their walk every day. We have the flexibility in our day because our client lists are manageable. During inclement weather we will switch the times of walks so that every dog can be outside during breaks in the weather. So, if it rains in the morning and clears in the afternoon, we will make sure to have all of our walks in the afternoon but will visit everyone for a visit in the morning for a quick bathroom break.