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aboutFour Paws and One Tail is a privately-owned dog walking and comprehensive pet care provider located in the heart of downtown Greenwich, CT. We only provide single-dog walking services in your neighborhood. Your dog will have the same professional everyday. Our strict policy is that we do not visit the dog parks and only allow play-dates that are pre-arranged and authorized by pet owners.

Our walks are also tailored to meet your dog’s needs – their age, health and activity level. We provide daily exercise, lots of attention, treats and most of all companionship while you are away. Our commitment is to keep your pet safe, stimulated, anxiety-free and happy until you return home.

Value Added Safety

Early morning, dusk and night time walks require extra safety precautions for your pets and for our professional dog walkers. We provide a waterproof low-profile LED safety light that attaches to your dog’s collar. This light is similar to what the Danish use for their search and rescue team dogs. The light is visible for up to 3 miles and weighs less than 1 ounce so dogs do not notice the light on their collars. Our professionals also wear reflective clothing so that they are as visible as their four-legged companions. Safety is a priority at Four Paws and we provide our employees with the tools to deliver your dog securely back to you.


Each of our professional dog walking staff has a small number of dedicated clients that allows them the time to develop and maintain a long-term relationship for the value-added security we strive to provide you, your pets and your home. As your pets comfortably settle into their daily routine we are then readily able to notice important changes in behavior and health that might go unnoticed with a less regular walker.

Discreet and Experienced

Our professional dog walking staff are fully vetted through background and reference checks and are rigorously trained to deliver high quality and attentive service. Our professionals are experienced in managing all breeds of cats, dogs and smaller animals. We are fully trained in Dog and Cat First Aid, and the administration of medicine. We will coordinate and work with your veterinarian, trainer and groomer on any special requirements. We will discreetly access your home and if an emergency occurs, will follow protocol to protect your pet’s health and your home.


service2We understand busy work and life schedules and unforeseen conflicts. Therefore, because of our lower dog walking professional to client ratio, we are able to accommodate scheduling changes and provide emergency and last minute walks and visits. We do not charge for cancellation or scheduling changes. We strive to provide calm and stress free walking and visiting services so you can be assured your pets are anxiety-free when you arrive home.

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